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    Updated on January 16, 2017

    Medical experts from Malaysia and Turkey visit SCH

    The HIFU Center at Suining Central Hospital(SCH) has treated cumulatively over 5000 cases so far and accumulated rich experiences in the clinical application of HIFU. Attracted by its good momentum of development and rich clinical experiences, 4 foreign visitors including Prof. Noor Azmi bin Mat Adenan, gynecologist of University Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia, and Dr. Perissa  Seyedsajjadi, consultant radiologist of Acibadem Healthcare Group, Turkey, etc. visited our hospital on Jan.10-11,2017.

    The hospital president Dr. Chen Yongjun and vice president Dr. He Jia met with the visiting experts, introduced the history and present development of SCH, and showed them around the headquarters of the hospital. At the HIFU Center, they attentively observed HIFU treatment procedures of multiple fibroids. The doctors of HIFU Center shared their rich clinical experiences in HIFU and made in-depth discussions and communications on the principles, effectiveness, advantages and clinical application prospect of HIFU with them. After the on-site observation and communication, the visiting experts got a preliminary knowledge of HIFU, planned to introduce it to their own countries, and hoped to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with SCH.